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NS5 Leadership Team (L-R) Jeffrey Lambert, Natasha Mercer, Stephanie McConnell, Mark Watson, Terri-Anne Kamasz, Julie Ross, Jane Dennett

The NS5 (North Shore Secondary Schools Partnership) is an innovative partnership between the five secondary schools in the North Shore area. The partnership includes Turramurra, Ku-ring-gai, St Ives, Chatswood and Killara High Schools working together to take advantage of the opportunities that accrue from inter-school collaboration and co-ordinated operations across five local public secondary schools serving adjacent localities on the North Shore. The schools pursuing this partnership are: Chatswood High School, Killara High School, Ku-ring-gai High School, St Ives High School and Turramurra High School.

The development of a mutually supportive culture and operation across these schools is with a view to:

  • Better serve the interests of more young people than can be delivered by each school operating separately
  • Enhance the learning and working environments for students and staff
  • Deliver consistent high quality services to families and communities associated with each school and apply resources more efficiently to support this goal
  • Increase access to and broaden the distribution of professional expertise and experience across the five schools maximise professional opportunities for staff
  • Develop a coordinated approach to enrolments that encourages a strengthening of each school’s local enrolment component of overall enrolments.

The NS5 Leadership Team for 2017

  • David Osland - Principal, Chatswood High School
  • Jane Dennett - Principal, Killara High School
  • Terri-Anne Kamasz - Principal, Ku-ring-gai High School
  • Mark Watson - Principal, St Ives High School
  • Stephanie McConnell - Principal, Turramurra High School
  • Daniella Costa - Student Learning Coordinator
  • Natasha Mercer - Professional Learning and Innovation Coordinator