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The NS5 provides expanded curriculum options for senior students through the offering of shared courses which enable students to study subjects not offered at their home school.

The NS5 have created a Student Learning Coordinator role with 0.2 release to plan, monitor and oversee curriculum sharing between the five schools. This allows students to have a much greater choice of subjects in the senior curriculum. Currently, the NS5 are able to offer seven Language courses as well as some Extension courses (Extension History). Subject sharing is also negotiated each year to match student demand. Students travel to the home school at set points in their weekly timetable. We are also exploring online learning options.

One of the greatest successes of this program was achieved by Turramurra High School student, George Zeman.

Unable to study French Beginners at his own school, he took advantage of the NS5 Curriculum sharing project to study this subject at St Ives High School.

In 2015, George was the First in Course for the HSC French Beginners Course.

Read George's interview with the North Shore Times 

Turramurra High School student George Zeman (centre) topped the state 
in French Beginners after studying the course at St Ives High School.