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Applications for the second round of grants for 2017 are OPEN 

Applications close Wednesday 26th July, 2017


Staff must submit a written proposal to the NS5 leadership team for a project using this form. Successful submissions will be innovative projects which embed change for 21st century learning and utilise collaborative processes. Each year, the leadership team may choose a priority area as a project focus which aligns with school planning priorities.

All proposals will be assessed by the NS5 leadership team and applicants will be informed of the outcome of their grant application by their school Principal.

As a core value of the NS5, the funding scale will reward projects that promote collaboration both between faculties and between schools.The levels of funding available are set out below:

Level 1: Base grant – up to $2,000 for a project which embeds innovative change within a teacher’s classroom.

Level 2: Grants up to $3,000 for projects which embed innovative change across a faculty

Level 3: Grants up to $5,000 for projects which embed innovative change between faculties within a school

Level 4: level of funding based on scope of project across schools and subject to approval from the NS5 leadership team. This level of funding is for projects which embed innovative change between schools. The funding would be shared across the schools involved.

Accountability processes for innovation grants include:

  • Submission of a short 3 minute video which chronicles the progress and achievements of the project throughout the year. A selection of videos will be presented at the combined NS5 School Development Day and may be featured on this website.

  • Publication of key learning and resources developed as a result of the project on the NS5 website