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The NS5 Accreditation team was formed in 2014 to support staff across our five school settings in gaining accreditation at Proficient level. The team is well represented and all the original members remain active in the group whilst welcoming new team members in 2015 to meet the expanding needs of working with teachers aspiring to Highly Accomplished or LEAD levels.

The team schedules two workshops each term for teachers requiring accreditation which unpack the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. The standards focus on Professional Knowledge, Professional Practice and Professional Engagement.  Professional learning opportunities address aspects of teaching that maintains currency of knowledge of engaging students  in the 21 Century as well as providing collegial networking opportunities We have held sessions provided by FACS and The Beach School informing of agencies available to support young people in our local area. Presentations have also included specialist staff such as English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EALD) teacher or Learning and Support Teacher (LAST) which further enriches access to expert staff within the NS5 for beginning teachers.

In 2016 the team introduced the “Accreditation Matters Network Meetings” held in Week 5 of each term across the various schools.  These sessions have brought experienced teachers together to learn about the requirements of gaining higher levels of accreditation.  The meetings have looked at understanding professional strengths, areas for development and also areas of focus to provide evidence of exemplary practice.

The team works closely with the Quality Teacher Advisor and this further enhances ongoing professional support.

The team also presents at the combined NS5 Staff Development Day via a masterclass session which provides the opportunity for teachers to work on compiling  their evidence and annotation.

Catherine Glover, creator of the NS5 Teacher Accreditation Network.

Accreditation Masterclass being led by Yvonne Garcia at the NS5 Combined Schools Professional Development Day 2016

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The NS5 Accreditation Team for 2017

Noroja Rouzbehi - Turramurra High School

Yvonne Garcia - Ku-ring-gai High School

Alison Gambino - Killara High School

Leonore Carr - Chatswood High School

Nathalie Bodley - St Ives High School

Tanya Davies - Ku-ring-gai High School

Reme Nath - Killara High School