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The partnership seeks opportunities to work together under the following understanding:

1) The partnership and all associated activities are based on a belief in the value of working collaboratively whilst maintaining the unique strengths of each individual school.

2) The partnership aims to empower staff to take risks in their learning in order to change traditional ways of thinking and operating. This applies to both pedagogy and organisational structures within the schools. Ultimately, the goal and expectation is that this will have a significant impact on improving student learning outcomes.

3) The partnership aims to work collaboratively to increase learning opportunities and access to resources (physical and human) for students in all five schools.

4) The partnership seeks to develop collaborative learning networks for students, staff and parents. It seeks to actively engage the local communities of all five schools and promote high quality public education for local students.

5) The partnership emphasises the importance of collaboration rather than competition. As such, the Principal’s of all five schools communicate closely over enrolments and enrolment policy.

6) The partnership aims to negotiate for positive change in broader level educational policy and practice by leveraging the strength of working collectively.


In order to facilitate the above understanding, the partnership commits to the following structures, processes and initiatives:


1)    The Leadership team (all five Principals, Director Public schools, student Learning coordinator (previously Curriculum Coordinator), staff learning coordinator (previously Technology coordinator) and available Deputy Principals) meet fortnightly at each school on a rotating roster. The Principal of the host school will set the agenda, take and distribute minutes.

 2)    The Deputy Principals of all five schools will seek ways of working together for mutual benefit.

 3)    The combined staff of all five school share a School Development Day once per year in Term 3. Schools host this event on a rotating roster.

 4)    The partnership agrees to jointly fund the ongoing development of the NS5 partnership through an annual budgetary commitment to be agreed upon each year. These funds are shared funds to be used for the benefit of the partnership as a whole rather than for any individual school.

 5)    The partnership prioritises models of shared professional learning which empower staff of all five schools to pursue initiatives which are innovative and which promote collaboration within and between schools.

 6)    The partnership seeks ways of sharing curriculum which increases subject choices for students. This initiative also seeks to pursue opportunities afforded through blended learning (online and face-to-face teaching methods).


A budget commitment is made by each school each year as per 4) above and includes allowance for the following key initiatives :

  1. Two x 0.2 NS5 staff positions (student learning coordinator and staff learning coordinator)

  2. Annual Combined School Development Day - catering, external facilitators etc

  3. Innovation and Collaboration grants - amount to be determined annually based on applications